Random Thoughts..

Sunday, August 29, 2004

my weekend

mm..yeah, today's a pretty boring day..but what Sunday isn't?

yesterday- went to the freshman football game. oh, they suck so bad..it was like 38-0.
then walked to Bulldogs to get cheese sticks and curly fries...dude, that's heaven.
then to Mollie's..and rode our bikes to Time-Out to see Christie. i got a yummy carmel apple.
thennnn..just layed around at mollies and picked up Christie and went to Pizza Hut..
and then to my house to watch "My Little Eye" which was stupid cuz it didn't have an ending.
...so that was my awesome Saturday. hah.

k then i know you're all dying to know abouttt..

friday-school. home. mollies. football game. both Streator teams won..yay for soph and varsity!
god..our highschool section is crazy though..fights going out..people throwing things left and right.. water getting poured on the crowd..and me being an idiot wearing a white shirt, but nothing happened, thank god. but other than that..the game was a blast.

i'm outy.

Friday, August 27, 2004

yay for comments

Ugh..had 3 frickin' tests today..how retarded. Geometry, Health, and Biology...and then a World History one on Monday, and i had a Spanish one yesterday. I JUST LOVE TESTS. GOD.

but uh, anyway..school was norm today..first home football game tonight, woo hoo.
..nothing much else to say, except..ummm..


x's and o's

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

ooh man, another exciting day in my life. hah..

just about the same frickin' thing as yesterday.
woke up..got dressed..did my make up and hair..ate breakfast..brushed my teeth..and went to school.
School..is torture. It's so hott in there it's not even funny, and i'm even wearing a tank-top and shorts. The classes seemed to drag on for hours. English was pretty cool though..we watched this video on David Blane, he does opticall illioutions. Like..he swallowed a piece of thread..and then there was a bulge in his stomach, and he would pull the string out of his skin..freaky.
Health..god, we had this big long lecture about smoking and drinking..it went on foreverrr..
Spanish i think we have a quiz tomorrow..and i don't know anything about it..haha i always just copy off the people next to me *halo* :)
got home..got on AOL, did my homo-workkkk, ate..all that good stuff.



Monday, August 23, 2004


Okay, well..this being my first entry n all..i have no idea what to write about. I guess i'll just go with the flow and tell you about my day..*oh, feel the excitment*

so i wake up..6 frickin' 40 in the morning. i hate mornings to start with, but today was an expessially bad morning because I had a huge headache and sore throat.
next..i get ready and all that good stuff for school. i wanted Ramen noodles for breakfast but i was too lazy, so i went with the more convienet Lucky Charms.
oohhh school. YAY, THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND. hah. have a geometry quiz, feelin' pretty good about that, *crosses fingers* It was so hott in there i was about to faint..IT'S CALLED AIR CONDITIONING..GET IT.
2:00 bell rings. finally..couldn't of come at a better time.
oh yes..the joy of going home and doing my homework. i couldn't have asked for something more funner!..riight.
but instead of doing that..i'm on here..typing this..DON'T YOU FEEL SPECIAL. haha.

--things about me. THE O.C. AND RYAN CABRERAthe end.
that's all you need to know about me.

i'm out for noww ....<3